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Newton Urgent+Care

"We treat you like one of the family!"



With over 20 years of local Emergency Medicine and Family Practice experience here in Sussex County, Dr. Mattes attributes much of his center's success to the natural attraction people have for a preference to be treated by care givers that not only have the educational and training qualifications, but also share in his core philosophy that everyone deserves to have their loved ones treated as if they truly were a member of the family.  


 "As the Medical Director of our local Emergency Department I treated the people of this community for many years, and although there is absolutely a need for an emergency department - my Urgent Care is located at the foot of the Hospital Entrances and is staffed with Emergency Medicine Doctors that are trained and skilled enough to handle most of the situations that walk in the door; and we do it without the high-cost and long-wait bureaucracy that goes along with a hospital visit!" 


 "The Healthcare world has become very cost conscious.  Medical doctors in our community, and across the country, continually need to work together in efforts to manage the cost of care without sacrificing the quality of care.  Hospitals provide a higher level of care than most ambulatory settings require, PLUS with my Urgent Care I feel that in many circumstances we can offer the local medical community a more cost effective option to that of a hospital, and at the end of each treatment visit my staff typically recommends follow up care to be performed with a patient's primary care doctor.  I consider my center to be  a friend to the local medical doctors in this community."